ILAT Terms & Policy

  1. Company Registration Certificate/NTN: A valid Company Registration Certificate or National Tax Number (NTN) to verify the legal status and registration of the company.
  2. 6 Months Bank Statement: Bank statements for the past six months to assess the company’s financial position, cash flow, and transaction history.
  3. Proof of Funds: Documentation or evidence demonstrating the availability of funds for investment in the Musharaka partnership.
  4. Disclosure of Liabilities: Complete disclosure of any existing liabilities, including loans, outstanding debts, or financial obligations, to evaluate the financial standing and potential risks associated with the company.
  5. Inventory Valuation: A valuation report or documentation detailing the valuation of the company’s inventory, if applicable.
  6. Guarantee on Investment Cheque by the receiving party: The Company receiving the investment shall provide a guarantee on the investment cheque issued by the investor. This guarantee assures the investor that the investment amount stated in the cheque will be utilized per the Musharaka partnership’s agreed terms. In the event of any misuse or non-compliance with the terms, the receiving party agrees to compensate the investor for any resulting losses. The guarantee signifies the receiving party’s commitment to upholding the legal and ethical aspects of the Musharaka partnership.
  7. Credit Considerations: If credit is provided to the company, the agreement specifies that a guarantor may be required to mitigate credit risks.
  8. Prohibition of Outlawed Activities: The company shall confirm and provide a Good Declaration Certificate to certify that its business activities are legal and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Additionally, during the partnership term, the following documents and information shall be provided by the company

  1. Letterhead Invoice: Invoices issued on the company’s letterhead for transactions and business activities related to the Musharaka partnership.
  2. Expenses: Documentation or records of the company’s expenses related to the Musharaka partnership, including receipts, bills, and invoices.
  3. Transaction Data: Complete data for all transactions conducted by the company within the Musharaka partnership, including sales, purchases, and other financial activities.

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